The Sliema Venture Unit offer an exciting programme full of activities ranging from purely outdoor activities such as abseiling, rock climbing, and camping, to more intellectual, and spiritual activities involving debates, visits and community involvement.

Using the Venture Scouting programme set out by the Scout Association of Malta, the Unit members ageing from 14 1/2 to 17, decide on their own calendar of activities throughout the whole year and are then guided along by the leaders. The Venture Scouting Programme is aimed at developing youths not only as individuals but also within a team, and within the community – preparing them for their futures in society.

During their time in the Unit, members will learn a vast array of skills; from purely hands-on skills such as rope work, first aid and search and rescue, to organisational skills, such as leadership, teamwork, planning and management. Each member has an equal say in the running of the Unit programme and is fully encouraged to participate in decision-making. These decisions are then carried out by the Unit’s own executive committee, which is normally comprised of two or three members.

The Sliema Venture Unit is a constantly evolving, flexible and dynamic section that is continuously adapting itself to the needs of its members, which essentially involves providing them with the opportunity to carry out the Venture Scout Programme, which will in turn develop the tools and skills that will help them throughout their lives, whether in their Scouting life, Academic life, Professional life and beyond.